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Conservative Events

Goodhue County RPM debate was a great success!

February 8, 2016; Candidates Debate at Cannon Falls High School.

CD2 had a fantastic showing as well

March 31, 2016; Debate at Hastings High School.

John Howe, David Gerson, Darlene Miller, Jason Lewis and Gene Rechtzigel


Here are the results of our Straw Poll

Candidate: Goodhue February 8: CD2 March 31:
Gerson 40 58
Howe 17 34
Lewis 33 57
Miller 4 2
Rechtzigel 3 4



Doc's Day

at the Lecturn...Doc's Day, February 21, 2015 at the Goodhue County BPOU Convention..


Cannon Falls Fair July 4th 2015

GCGOP Booth staffed by Jeff Homendahl, Todd Hanson and Jeff Webb

July 4th 2015 at the Cannon Falls Fair



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